PCT’s New Home

This issue of the BroadBeam Bulletin will give readers a preview of PCT’s dynamic new building and its incredible capabilities.

Smooth Operations
PCT's transition to their new building means smoother operations for employees and bigger opportunities for E-Beam customers.

Looking out of Terry Thompson's office window in February, the view is mostly snow-covered Iowa cornfield. But inside PCT's new 43,000 square foot building, the view is decidedly different. And the climate is anything but cold. "We are already seeing differences in the way we work," related Thompson, president of PCT Engineered Systems. "Our people are loving the increased work space, and our clients will benefit from our increased capacity."

The new facility, located off of Interstate-80 at 8700 Hillandale Road in Davenport, Iowa, has what PCT needs to take their business and their clients to the next level. "We have the square footage to test and build new E-Beams and the 'think tank' necessary to put new ideas into motion," explained Karl Swanson, Sales and Marketing Manager.

During a tour of the new operation, Swanson explained that the expansive new building will increase and improve interaction between internal teams, as well as with PCT clients. "We have breakout areas for collaboration between engineers and technical people; many new conference rooms for team and client meetings, and a new client training area. We have plenty of space—plus room to grow."

Perhaps the most impressive difference between old and new buildings is PCT's new shop. "It's 3 times larger than the shop in our old building," said Swanson who pointed up at the new utility connections in the final assembly areas. "We have cooling water capabilities, nitrogen supply, compressed air lines and exhaust ducts in our testing areas."

And that's just scratching the surface of the 30,000 square foot manufacturing and assembly area. Swanson noted two new overhead cranes (10- and 25-ton capacity), a large clamping table for precision welding; milling machines, lathes and a brake press. Fab shop personnel, he says, now have the added room to more easily complete the precision MIG, TIG and stick welding of mild and stainless steels and aluminum. Pipe threading and crimping for hydraulic, pneumatic and water piping are also easily accomplished thanks to new equipment and added square footage.

But Swanson is particularly enthusiastic about the facility's pilot line. "The pilot line is available for customer trials and limited production runs—a true benefit to our customers", he explained. "It has an electron beam processor rated for operation up to 300kV." Additional capabilities of the line include: electron beam processing with or without a chilled backing roll; web widths up to 28-inches; speeds of up to 1,000 feet per minute; a corona treater; an offset gravure coater; and the ability to run rigid substrates.

The tour concluded with quick visits to the shop's clean room, spare parts area and BroadBeam component assembly area. Swanson noted that the clean room is an important new area of the shop. "We are pleased to give our customers the added advantage of this controlled environment where we can assemble and test critical electron beam components. Our foil cutting room is equipped with a light table that allows us to inspect every foil that leaves the building, ensuring that the product we provide our customer is of the highest quality."

And with that said, there's no doubt that quality will continue to drive the PCT team as the company looks forward to bigger projects, better productivity and bold innovations for customers.

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Karl Swanson is not the only one who is enthusiastic about PCT’s new home. Here’s what shop personnel had to say about their new digs…

Brian Preston: "Our new shop has taken away all of the limitations on what we can do from the standpoint of maneuverability of equipment. We can build a control house with no problem. Time efficiency has increased dramatically. It used to take an entire morning to move a piece of equipment; now we can do it in just an hour."

Mike Adams: "We’re safer, we're quicker and we're more efficient overall. The new cranes are incredibly helpful."

Earl Miller: "We have much more room, which makes it more efficient to work on the floor. We move equipment less often, have more area to stage, and have fewer disturbances to other projects. We're definitely safer, too. We have a new CO2 monitor, fans and exhaust system to clear out fumes."

Click here to see PCT’s new contact information, and to get directions to their new location.

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This month we Get to Know...

Ryan Hoover, E-Beam Technician

Ryan Hoover vital stats Age: 20. Years with PCT: 2. Family: Fiancé: Jordon (attending the University of Northern Iowa). Parents: Bruce and Denise, and sisters Stephanie and Faith, live in Decatur, Illinois.

What is your educational/professional background? I am in the National Guard and spent a year on active duty training to become a CH-47 Helicopter Mechanic in the Army. I started out working for PCT in the Electrical Shop before moving to a BroadBeam service tech.

You've just moved to a larger facility--what was your first impression of the new building? How has it impacted your day-to-day duties? The new building is designed for building and running E-Beams. We now have the capability to run several E-Beams simultaneously. Twenty-five-ton and ten-ton overhead cranes ease the workload by allowing us to move every component of the E-Beam to any point in the shop. The new building also has a much larger clean room and a foil room. The building has plenty of room for us to grow!

Snow. Love it or leave it? Leave it. I want to be some place warm!

Most challenging aspect of your job? The unpredictable nature of what may come next; it seems like you never know what you may be working on until it happens. I have found that working on E-Beams requires lots of patience and ingenuity.

Favorite team sport: I don’t really care for team sports. I do, however, love running!

What's in your DVD player/IPOD? I finished watching the ‘Band of Brothers’ series last night, my MP3 player has a variety of Country, Rock and Oldies… I like to vary what I listen to when I am traveling and running.

What do you find most rewarding about your job? The wonderful people I work with that are always supportive of me and willing to go out of their way to teach me something new. I also enjoy being able to work on something different every day.

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