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PCT Announces Major Expansion Project

PCT Engineered Systems, LLC is excited to announce their plans for a major expansion project. The plans feature a new 43,000-square-foot facility to be built in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center (EIIC) in northwest Davenport. This facility will support the continued growth in PCT's business and enable the company to achieve their strategic plan objectives.

The total investment in the project is estimated to be $8.8 million. The growth plans also call for the creation of 100 new jobs over the next three years. The average wage for these jobs is expected to be $43,900.

Financial support for the project is currently being sought from the State of Iowa and the City of Davenport. Other support is being requested from the Bi-State Revolving Loan Fund, Eastern Iowa Community College District Iowa New Jobs Training Program, and the Greater Davenport Redevelopment Corporation. PCT has selected Ryan Companies US, Inc. as the general contractor for this project.

President, Terry Thompson said, "Our choice to continue our growth in Davenport was made in the best interests of our staff, and in recognition of the ease of access to Interstate 80 for transportation of our products, especially our BroadBeam products."

He added that increased demand for BroadBeam products from the company's expanding list of e-beam clients fueled the need for the new facility. "We want to give our BroadBeam customers the very best customer service in the industry today. In order to do that, we have to expand our production areas. We're excited to make this announcement."

Electron beam technology produces a wide array of products that include shrink wrap film, adhesive tape, orange juice cartons, ice cream containers and laminate furniture. Electron beam processing provides important environmental benefits to manufacturers. The process is very energy efficient and the special 100% solids, inks, and coatings used contain no solvents, therefore no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are produced.

PCT has also seen growth in the demand for engineering services for manufacturers. These services include control system integration, drive system applications, custom machine fabrication, combustion systems, and Plant Floor IT applications.

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Chicago e|5 show has record attendance
PCT booth, presentations well attended

EB technology’s "biggest show of the year," was just that with record attendance on the show floor and in industry seminars.

PCT, the industry's only supplier of the original BroadBeam® Equipment product line, answered customer questions and explored the application needs of E-Beam owners attending the show. "e|5 exceeded our expectations this year," said Karl Swanson, Sales and Marketing Manager. "We've had positive experiences at e|5 in the past, but this year, we were able to reach out to more potential customers than ever before."

Several BroadBeam users stopped by the booth and shared their experiences. Comments included:

"Thanks to the outstanding support we receive from PCT, we are more confident in EB technology." Another customer said, "using EB curing allows us to respond quickly to customer requests." It was also stated that "we prefer to run the BroadBeam rather than our UV unit."

Swanson added that the company's 20th anniversary event that was held at the Embassy Suites Chicago on Monday of show week was enjoyable and a chance for existing and new customers to meet with PCT engineers, technicians and other staff members.

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PCT e|5 technical paper now available on line!

"Getting Started and Incorporating E-Beam Technology into Your Process," the technical paper presented by PCT Sales and Marketing Manager, Karl Swanson at e|5, is now available to view on line.

Click here for more information: Getting Started with EB.

According to Swanson the presentation was well received. "After the show we had requests for the paper, and we decided to post it online."

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This month the BroadBeam Bulletin takes a look at Coating supplier NORTHWEST COATINGS in its first edition of INDUSTRY INSIDER

"Adhesives and coatings that exceed customer expectations," is what Northwest Coatings has to say about themselves. But the 36-year-old company is definitely not all talk. Their longevity in the market and their dedication to new solutions, has given them a long list of loyal customers.

Founded in 1970, the company originally manufactured water-based adhesives and coatings for industrial applications. By 1979, they began formulating UV/EB curable products. The company's diversity of experience with both water-based and UV/EB curable adhesives and coatings, makes them a supplier the E-Beam market needs to know about.

All compounds manufactured at Northwest Coatings are solvent free because they strive to provide their customers with environmentally friendly products.

The company operates two plants, with the original site blending water-based products. A second plant, built in 1993, is home to laboratories and UV/EB product manufacturing facilities. Expanded in 1999, it is also home to the latest state-of-the-art blending equipment. Over the last couple years, Northwest has focused attention on EB topcoats and adhesives. Products have been successfully developed for pouch applications, cartons, and labels. Plus, Northwest has developed adhesives to work with a number of substrate combinations. As a complement to the EB adhesive business, Northwest has also developed a line of 2-part waterbase laminating adhesives. These adhesives can be applied on narrow web flexo equipment, as well as with gravure cylinders. Much work has been done to determine equipment needed to properly dry these systems and achieve destructive bonds. Northwest will continue to feature their custom formulation capabilities. Products have been developed for a wide range of end-use applications including weatherable topcoats, high speed topcoats and special effect topcoats. Their list of UV and EB coatings include applications for a huge variety of products and are listed in detail on their website: Northwest Coatings.

For more details contact a Northwest Coatings sales or technical representative at 414.762.3330 or nwc@northwestcoatings.com.

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