Iowa Governor Holds Press Conference at PCT

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To better serve our customers, PCT Engineered Systems will soon be adding a special feature to its website: an online parts catalog with an extensive listing of factory-specified parts. Simply log on at and go to Spare Parts.

"Our online catalog will improve our responsiveness to our customers—especially our overseas customers," says Tammy Weisrock, Purchasing Manager. Weisrock explains that the site will let customers easily request quotations and place orders around the clock. "We are committed to respond to requests within 24-hours. PCT keeps a large inventory on hand, so successfully fulfilling customer orders is something we also pride ourselves in."

The online catalog is scheduled to be available by September 1st.

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Society of Plastics Engineers forms special interest group

The Society of Plastics Engineers has formed a special interest group for radiation processing of polymers (SIG019). The group will promote and distribute engineering knowledge concerning the application of E-Beam, y- and x-ray, and UV as well as swift heavy ions, lasers, infrared radiation, and microwave radiation in the industrial production, processing, modification and recycling of polymers and their composites.

The group has planned activities that relate to:

The enhancement of material properties and product performance
Improved process control
Modeling and simulations
Adaptation of new tools and methods
Introduction of environmentally safe and energy saving techniques into the mass production of high quality and cost-effective, innovative products

The SPE encourages BroadBeam customers and anyone interested in the technology to join SPE and get involved with this group. Go to: for more information.

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Iowa Governor holds press conference at PCT
Visit is part of "Changing the Landscape" tour of state

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack toured PCT Engineered Systems in early July and held a press conference to discuss the company’s planned expansion project.

The Governor said PCT exemplifies the goals of the Iowa Values Fund and the Vision Iowa Program—initiatives that are helping the state become one of the fastest growing economies in the Midwest.

Since the announcement of the expansion project in May 2006, PCT has secured $300,000 in state funding from the Iowa Economic Development Board and the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

During the press conference Vilsack stated, "Wages for the new jobs to be created are very competitive and are representative of the kind of jobs the Iowa Values Fund is creating."

PCT's Engineering and Production Manager, Don Allebach showed the Governor the BroadBeam machines currently in production, and explained the company’s need for expansion. "The BroadBeam line of electron beam processors 'pushed us over the edge' in terms of building capacity," said Allebach.

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PCT launches Condensing Compressor Upgrade Kit

Keeping your BroadBeam machine in optimal working condition means keeping the high voltage deck cool. PCT's Condensing Compressor Upgrade Kit is the answer. The Kit replaces the original R12 Freon charged cooling unit with a more environmentally friendly system using R134a refrigerant. In addition the Kit has been designed to provide increased cooling capacity.

PCT service personnel recommend replacing the Freon systems because replacement parts and services are no longer readily available. The new Condensing Compressor Kit includes all of the necessary components. Installation by a PCT service technician can be completed during a brief outage.

As part of the Kit, PCT also offers a high-capacity blower to circulate the SF6 in the high voltage enclosure. The new blower improves air flow over the heat exchanger allowing it to better cool the high voltage deck. PCT service personnel say the additional cooling capacity is especially beneficial because temperatures can be controlled with less risk of overload to the system.

Replacement parts supplied in the Kit include: the compressor unit, solenoid valve, hot bypass valves, expansion valves, hoses, and SF6 blower.

For more information on the Condensing Compressor Upgrade kit, contact Karl Swanson at 563-391-8011, ext. 4446 or Email him at Karl Swanson

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This month we Get to Know...

Service Tech Randy Lowther

Randy Lowther vital stats:  Age 43, wife of 22 years (Veronica) and 15-year-old son (Evan). Hometown: Independence, Missouri.

What is your educational/professional background? AA Aircraft Armament Systems, AA Instructor of Military Sciences. Currently, I’m trying to wrap-up my degree in Aeronautics with Embry Riddle University, and I’m retired after 23 years in the USAF.

What are your responsibilities as a Service Technician? I'm still learning them.

What was your first impression of PCT? There's a lot going on in a small space.

Favorite summertime food? Almost anything off the grill.

Air conditioning or swimming pool? A/C.

If you had to pick a place to live outside of the U.S., where would it be? In Desenzano on Lake Garda in northern Italy.

You have to pick a favorite show: LOST, 24 or The Office? That would be difficult to choose because I haven’t seen any of them.

Most challenging part of your job? Learning the intricacies of the BroadBeam machine.

If I wasn’t a BroadBeam service tech, I’d be… Commissioner of baseball - I’m sure I could do a better job than Bud Selig.

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