Introducing the EB Chill Roll

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"
- Steve Jobs

PCT is excited to introduce our latest innovation in electron beam (EB) system design, the integrated chill roll. This creative new feature is one more way that our team is challenging the status quo and moving EB technology into the 21st century. Our "patent applied for" design uniquely incorporates a central chilled roll. The roll not only supports the web as it passes through the reaction area, it also provides the self-shielding required. 

The benefits provided include:

Uniform web support at high speeds
Reduced operating costs by reducing the volume to be inerted
Easy access for maintenance
Compact footprint for easy integration

Digitally controlled power supplies, dramatic reductions in power consumption, control systems fully integrated via ethernet, and now the integrated chill roll; new ideas only available from PCT, the leader in EB system innovation.

A brief video of the integrated chill roll system is available. Contact Karl Swanson, to request your copy. 

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Lapin’s Lab: EB Finish Cure of UV Inks


PCT was asked to evaluate the potential to increase the line speed of a UV equipped web offset press. The eight color press has been limited to a print speed of 600 fpm even though it is designed for speeds up to 1200 fpm. The limiting factor has been the UV curing capacity. 


PCT conducted tests to confirm that EB can provide complete cure of the same UV inks at higher line speeds without the use of nitrogen for inerting the EB curing zone.

Test Procedure

The owner of the press ran sample material at a speed of 900 fpm with the existing UV curing. This material was surface cured but testing showed that tape adhesion of the inks was poor and the inks were severely affected by 10 to 15 MEK rubs. 

We attached cut sheets of the printed material to a carrier web. The printed sheets were EB cured IN AIR at the following conditions: 

3.0 Mrads 100 fpm
3.5 Mards 100 fpm
4.0 Mrads 100 fpm
4.5 Mrads 100 fpm
3.0 Mrads 500 fpm
4.0 Mrads 500 fpm 


Our preliminary results show that after EB exposure that all samples gave excellent tape adhesion and a dramatic increase in MEK rub resistance. This demonstrates that EB exposure in air effectively completes the cure of the UV inks and coatings. 

Since our EB equipment can deliver 3600 Mrad fpm (3 Mards @ 1200 ft/min or 4 Mrads @ 900 ft/min) the addition of an EB unit to this press will provide effective high speed curing without nitrogen inerting. 

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Upcoming Events

PCT will be hosting a stop of the Siemens Automation Innovation Tour – Safety Integrated on August 13, 2009. This seminar includes information on the latest safety standards. Siemens safety products will be presented. PCT will give presentations on arc flash, machine guarding, and combustion safety. For more information contact Karl Swanson, 

The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) Fall Meeting will include a session on UV/EB Technology for Coil Coating Applications. Dr. Steve Lapin from PCT will be giving a presentation. The meeting is at the Marriott in St. Louis on September 21–23, 2009. For more information go to The 2009 NCCA Fall Meeting. 

The RadTech Europe 2009 Conference & Exhibition will be held October 14-15, 2009 in Nice, France. The conference and exhibition will be of decisive importance for all parties engaged in the development and use of these technologies and their corresponding materials. Raw material suppliers, formulators, equipment suppliers and industrial UV/EB users will be able to share cutting-edge information and insights into the current status and future potential of this clean technology. PCT will be exhibiting and Dr. Steve Lapin and Karl Swanson will be presenting papers. For more information go to RadTech Europe 2009

uv.eb East will be held October 20-21, 2009 at the Conference Center at Niagra Falls, Niagra Falls, NY This conference is organized by RadTech and is sponsored by NYSERDA. The program includes presentations and exhibitions by leading industry suppliers and users targeting the UV & EB curable coating, ink, adhesives and composite technologies. Dr. Steve Lapin from PCT will be presenting. For more information go to uv.eb East 2009 Conference

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