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"We've updated the BroadBeam® area of our website so customers can easily find the information they need right away," says Karl Swanson, Sales and Marketing Manager. Swanson says PCT is known for their excellent customer service and fast response time to customers, and their website is designed with the same goals in mind. "We've improved navigation and added new information like our Reference Literature link. We're hearing positive comments from recent visitors to the site." Swanson added that the updated look also reflects the company's professionalism. "Our staff is made up of a group of professionals who are dedicated to our customers, and to BroadBeam technology. We want our website and our marketing information to reflect that same commitment."

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Moving Locations.
Moving Forward.

PCT planning January move to 8700 Hillandale Road.

PCT's new 43,000-square-foot facility is another step closer to completion. The exterior work is nearly complete so the action will now move inside. The building, in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center (EIIC), in northwest Davenport, Iowa, will support PCT's continued growth, and enable the company to achieve strategic plan objectives.

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This month we Get to Know...

Don Boggs, Electrical Shop Supervisor

Don Boggs vital stats: Age: 37. Years with PCT: 9.5. Family: Married 14 years to wife, Kathy. They have two girls ages 12 and 7. Currently resides in Colona, Illinois.

What is your job title? Electrical Shop Supervisor.

What is your educational/professional background? I am a Journeyman Electrician.

Soon you’ll be moving to a much larger facility. What do you most look forward to in the new building? I look forward to having more room to work, and the overhead cranes will be very helpful.

What’s happening in BroadBeam right now? Everyone on the team has had their hands full this year with a large project load. At the same time, we are training new people as we continue to grow our team.

Thanksgiving cranberries: fresh or shaped like the can? Shaped like the can.

Most challenging aspect of your job? Training new people and making sure no one gets hurt.

Last movie seen? The Chronicles of Narnia. It was very good, but it scared my 7-year-old.

Favorite vacation spot? Myrtle Beach.

Thanksgiving potatoes: sweet or mashed? Candied sweet potatoes.

What do you find most rewarding about your job? It feels very good to see what we have worked so hard to build, wire and test leave our shop. Also, we take such pride in what we do.

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Wayne's World

This month Wayne tells us how to check a foil for vacuum leaks

What are the symptoms of a vacuum leak? If the vacuum has been operating in the 2 x 10-7 range and starts to degrade gradually, you could have an issue with the foil or o-ring.

How can you check for a vacuum leak? Using isopropanol, spray around the outer edge of the foil clamp and watch for any change in the vacuum reading. It may improve or get worse. Any change is an indication of a vacuum leak. If you would like to pinpoint the approximate location of the leak in the foil, try this: starting at one end, spray isopropanol in a 2-inch wide pattern from the lower part of the foil to the center. Do this all the way across and watch the vacuum reading. Then start at the other end of the foil and again spray from the center to the remaining half, all the way across. Watch the vacuum reading as this is being done. Any change indicates a leak.

Why do you need to pinpoint the location of a leak? One reason you should pinpoint the approximate location of a leak is so you can record it and compare it with future foil failures to see if the leak is occurring in the same place. If it is, there could be something wrong on the copper (window) or a problem in the chamber (such as filament misalignment).

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When it comes to preventative maintenance — plan ahead with help from PCT
Put service contract renewal and training classes at the top of your list for 2007

As the new year approaches, consider protecting your BroadBeam machine from unnecessary downtime. PCT has the plan to keep your machines in top running condition in 2007. Here's what you need to know about our Annual Preventative Maintenance Contract and our customized training classes.

When you buy PCT's Preventative Maintenance Contract, you get a year's worth of maintenance support for your BroadBeam machine. Here's an outline of what you receive:

A scheduled calibration service by a BroadBeam service technician
This service includes a full inspection of the Beam Controller, HV Enclosure and HVPS; PC Control Board Calibration; Power Cubicle inspection; Vacuum System inspection; Cooling System inspection; Ozone System inspection (if applicable); Inerting System inspection (if applicable); Lead Shielding inspection and radiation check.
The technician will provide you with a written report on the tasks completed and any additional observations of the machine's condition.
You get an unscheduled emergency troubleshooting service call
Up to 8 hours of phone support
Reduced overtime rates
Reduced spare parts pricing

In addition to the Contract, PCT offers training classes at your plant site. A typical class will help familiarize your staff with maintenance and troubleshooting of BroadBeam electron beam processors. Classes will be taught by an experienced BroadBeam Service Technician.

PCT's one-day class includes:

  1. Safety – radiation, electrical, gasses, etc.
  2. Faults – definitions and troubleshooting steps
  3. Control boards and schematics
  4. Vacuum system – troubleshooting and regeneration of the cryopump
  5. Foil change procedure
  6. Reconditioning of the BroadBeam
  7. Filament change procedure
  8. High voltage power supply – preventative maintenance and troubleshooting
  9. Cooling water system – preventative maintenance and troubleshooting

Printed sets of the training materials are provided.

Contact Tammy Weisrock, BroadBeam Parts and Service Coordinator, to arrange a Preventative Maintenance Contract or schedule a Training Class.

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In the next Bulletin

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