BroadBeam™ LE Series Announced

Smarter Energy!
PCT Launches the BroadBeam LE Series

At the RadTech UV & EB 2008 conference in Chicago, PCT Engineered Systems introduced its newest Electron Beam solution for the international web offset and flexo printing and laminating market, the BroadBeam® LE Series.

According to company President, Terry Thompson, "Our BroadBeam LE Series is designed to incorporate the many, proven benefits of EB in a smaller footprint and at a lower cost. With the LE Series we will firmly establish PCT as the innovator in the electron beam processing industry."

"The result will be expansion of this technology on a global basis for web offset and CI flexo printing, laminating and other specialty coatings and lacquers especially for package printing as well as crosslinking and surface treatment." said Karl Swanson, Sales and Marketing Manager for PCT.

"The LE Series delivers on a concept of 'Smarter Energy'", continues Swanson. "Smarter Energy is the combination of a smarter package with the smarter technology of electron beam energy. In this way the LE Series allows our customers to achieve greater profitability and satisfy more of their customers."

"The RadTech UV & EB 2008 conference and exhibition was clearly the right venue to make this product introduction" added Swanson. "RadTech is the leading organization for the advancement of UV & EB technology. We are proud to be members and supporters of their efforts."

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RadTech UV & EB 2008 Recap
Energy, Sustainability and Food Contact Highlighted

Over 2,200 attendees participated in the May 4-7 RadTech UV & EB 2008 Conference in Chicago. "The number of companies considering their first application of EB technology was especially encouraging" states Karl Swanson, PCT's Sales & Marketing Manager. "We were pleased with the responses to our presentations and the number of new contacts." Against the current backdrop of skyrocketing energy costs, sessions and discussions about the economic benefits of EB and UV technology were very popular. The benefits that UV and EB technology provide in achieving corporate sustainability goals were also featured. Dr. Steve Lapin, EB Application Specialist for PCT participated in the well attended session on Sustainable Printing and Packaging. Copies of Steve's presentation, "UV / EB Equipment for Printing & Packaging Applications" are available. Contact Steve at

UV and EB curing has just been recognized by the FDA for use in Direct Food Contact applications. Sessions and information were also provided on this application. Details on the FCN approval can be found at

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Wayne's World

Cooling Water Quality Keeps Production Flowing

Maintaining the proper temperature for the cooling water supply to an electron beam processor is an important requirement. This is something that Wayne Leonard, PCT Service Specialist, frequently reminds our customers. This month he would like to remind you that cooling water quality also has an impact on the performance of your EBeam.

PCT recommends that the cooling water be filtered to 50 microns and the pH level be maintained between 7.0 and 8.3. It is also important that the water be free of algae and other organics. Poor quality cooling water will eventually result in plugged cooling channels in the copper window. This can lead to frequent foil failures and even a warped window.

We recommend that you check the cooling water condition as part of a regular preventative maintenance program. As Wayne always says, "Preventative maintenance now will avoid downtime later."

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This month we Get to Know...

Shawn Merselis

Shawn Merselis is back at PCT for his third round as an intern. Shawn is a student at Iowa State University where he is concurrently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Title: Engineering Intern - BroadBeam.

Years with PCT: 3 years.

Family: My father Paul is an Electrical Engineer at Alcoa, my mother Charlotte is the Purchasing Manager at Schebler, and my brother Scott is a commercial photographer in Florida.

Favorite college course: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Least favorite college course: High Speed Analog Signal Testing.

What do you find the most interesting thing about EB technology? What I don’t know.

Things you enjoy: Everything to do with the ocean.

Favorite place to eat: The Bali Satay House in Ames, IA.   

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