Electron Beam Systems

ebeam Technologies provides the most innovative and reliable industrial electron beam systems available today. Our equipment is used globally on printing presses, coating and laminating lines, coil coating lines, and a variety of specialty applications.

ebeam's vanguard EP Series is designed to rise to the demands of your most rugged industrial performance requirements. Designed to operate in the 80 to 300 kV voltage range, the EP can accommodate a web width of up to 130 inches (330 cm. Line speeds of up to 2000 feet (610 m) per minute are also possible.

Our flagship system, the compact LE Series, retains the best features and solid performance of our EP models, but is tailored to the lower voltage range suitable for many printing applications. Designed to perform in the 90 to 175 kV range, LE machines are available in standard widths of 36", 54", 72", and 108" (275 cm). Custom configurations are also offered.

ebeam's recently unveiled CE Series ushers in a new generation of compact, space saving ebeam solutions with an accelerating voltage range of 90 to 200 kV. Featuring a sealed EB lamp and ebeam Technologies' patented Integrated Shield Roll, this new solution provides stable web support, web temperature control, inerting volume minimization, and easy clean/repair access for narrow web processes and 3D printing.

Each ebeam system is configured to match the customer's needs for product width, dosage level, accelerating voltage and product handling, and are self shielded. All of the shielding interlock devices and sensors required for safe operation are included with the machine.

ebeam Delivers

Dependable Operation - less down time and more profit
Industry's Best Uniformity - tighter process control
Engineering Strength - designs to precisely meet your needs


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